Well, it’s hard to believe we are halfway through Term 1 already! The children have settled into their routine and are working amazingly well together.

One of our class captains, Leena, has used one of our iPad presentation apps called ‘Haiku Deck’ to do a review on Paul Jennings’ book ‘Unreal’. She has used a classmate, Eva, to assist in the acting department. Check out the link below in blue:






Last week in Science, we had a visit from Mark who works at the CSIRO. His mission: to teach us more about Space and planets. Ayse has put together summary of the learning that took place, and what she enjoyed. Take it away, Ayse..

“Science Incursion” by Ayse Aydin


Our weekly drumming workshops are continuing across all five grades. Simone taught us some body percussion and it got so confusing for most of us, but there was also plenty of laughter! We were also introduced to a new West African instrument called the Balafon. It’s a bit like a xylophone, but it is made from wood and gourds. We had a go at playing it with our djembes and the sound was really cool.


Please remember to leave comments about our learning. We love to hear what you think about our learning!

Until next week,

Miss Watts 4/5/6A