Well it’s been as massive term for the students in 4/5/6A!

For the Grade 5/6’s, we have been working all term with the Grade 2’s and Cale and Colette from 3D Arts Company. Our performance of ‘Step Up’ (named by us) was a mixture of dance and drama reflecting one of our school values, ‘We are Safe’. Over the term we brainstormed ideas and worked on our performance which culminated in our show on Monday afternoon in front of our schoolmates, and again in the evening for our families and VIPs. We were very fortunate to have a visit from ‘The Maribyrnong Weekly’ for photos, and also Nam Quach, the Deputy Mayor of Maribyrnong! Wowee!!!

Stay tuned for the 5/6 student reflections that will be shown next term



IMG_0664 IMG_0666


We have also had pre-service teaching students from Victoria University spend Mondays here for lectures. One of their assignments is working with upper primary students with small group Maths instruction using concrete materials. It is fantastic to get to work with other kids and teachers in training.



We have had a wonderful start to the year and look forward to coming back for more learning in a couple of weeks. Some of us don’t want to take holidays at all but have promised that we will continue our learning throughout the holidays. There are always books to read, recipes to cook, Mathletics to play and conversations to have!

Until next time,

Miss Watts and Grade 4/5/6A