Month: May 2014

Fab week of Fun and Learning for 4/5/6A

Firstly, I’d like to give a big shout out to the Grade Five children who undertook the NAPLAN testing last week. Although it was tiring and challenging, the kids put in an amazing effort and and tried their absolute hardest. We could not be more proud of their positive attitude and their willingness to try their best. Congrats also to the Grade Four and Six kids who showed them so much support during those fews days. By Friday, there were a few fried brains so the children were able to enjoy spending their Maths lesson playing maths games such as Sudoku, Monopoly and chess.


We have some exciting news! Simone, who comes to teach us drumming through the Australian Children’s Music Foundation, told us we were invited to do a performance at Federation Square! We will join two other grades from Dinjerra, and some other schools from the West and do a concert in July. We’d better get practicing! Two of our soloists are Jess and Harry. Look at them rocking out!



This week we have conducted a Spelling Investigation into different plurals in the English language and we sometimes get confused about which plural to use with which word. Is it ‘s’, ‘es’, or ‘ies’? We worked in groups with a range of words, classified them and looked for patterns. I’m trying to trick the kids during the ‘Morning Message’ but they’re on to me!


We hope you are enjoying our blog. Just a reminder, camp is coming up soon and we look forward to sharing our experiences with you. Please comment on our learning, the kids love to hear your feedback.

Until next time,

Miss Watts and 4/5/6A

Term 2 is underway!

It’s been a very hectic start to the second term in 4/5/6A! Firstly, we are fortunate to have experts from various Western sporting clubs visit us for some free clinics. Thanks to Pauline from Altona Badminton club for coming to teach us some skills- a few of us even got scholarships for a free lesson! We also had high school students associated with Melbourne Victory come and help us with our soccer skills. It was a little cold and wet but the kids didn’t care. They will be back again this week. The teachers are hoping for better weather!


The students from Victoria University finished up their Maths micro-teaching sessions this week. We have been really looking forward to Mondays working with them. They are well prepared and always try to provide engaging activities for us. Good luck in your teacher training!

Have you ever heard of Archimedes’ Puzzle? Its like a Tangram and is a square made up from a series of different polygons. When you cut out the 14 pieces, you are supposed to be able to make a right-angled triangle. It’s a fun puzzle that had most of us stumped! We ended up looking at the solution after trying for ages. Here is the one Abi made. Congrats, Abi!


Dinjerra Primary School has launched its School Wide Positive Behaviours token system. When the students are seen demonstrating one of our school values; We are Safe, We are Thoughtful, or We are Learners, they are awarded a Dinjerra Token. At the end of the month they can trade these tokens in for various activities, such as indoor lunchtime play, or cooking with Miss Carla. The tokens are recorded by the teachers using the iPad app ‘Class Dojo’. All children are doing an amazing job. Keep it up!



Finally, we are gearing up for NAPLAN week. The Grade Five students (along with the Grade Threes) will be sitting National Testing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week. It’s so important that children get a good night’s sleep- at least eight hours! They also need to eat well, have lots of fruit and vegetables and most importantly, eat breakfast. Sleep and a healthy diet means children are able to do their best learning. Good luck Grade Fives!

Until next week,

Miss Watts and 4/5/6A


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