Term 2 is always the busiest term of the year, and at a busy little school like Dinjerra, time just seems to fly!

Last week we tuned in to the ABC Splash website to learn more about what inspires the legendary Australian author Graeme Base. We have many of his books in the school and classroom libraries, and we spent some time enjoying them again before the live stream began. We particularly admire his artwork, and it’s always great to hear firsthand how authors find inspiration.

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After learning how Graeme Base goes about creating his nonsense monsters, we let loose in the art room on Friday to have a go at creating our own creature. We started with a blob of ink which we then blew with straws to create a shape. As the ink was drying we headed outside for a lie around staring at the clouds. We discovered a whole range of creatures formed by the clouds, from dragons to turtles. We then returned to the art room, and used a black marker and watercolor pencils to create our monster. As we finished we developed a background story for our creature.


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You may have noticed something a little creepy last Friday. Not only was it Friday the 13th, considered by the superstitious as one of the spookiest days of the year, but it was also a full moon, which can make some people go a little odd. Every day in class we start the day with the ‘Morning Message’. This helps children improve their grammar, punctuation and spelling. Miss Watts decided to stick with the creepy theme…



Many parents got a bit of a break a couple of weeks ago when their children went off to Leadership camp. Most students from Grade 3/4/5 and 6 travelled up to the YMCA camp in Mt. Evelyn where they participated in a range of fun, daring activities. Those who remained behind experienced some similar Leadership activities at school. The children had an amazing time, though the teachers were all pretty exhausted!

Here are a couple of comments from our campers:

“YMCA camp was the best experience I ever had in my life! I felt I really learned a lot, made new friends, learned new games and songs. All the food was great and I got to do some cool activities like Lowrope, Biking, Archery and Flying Fox. We got to look up close to wild animals that were stuffed. I stayed up all night talking to Chhitiz. My favorite part was the ‘Red Faces’, the YMCA talent contest. I had the time of my life, so don’t sit in the corner of the room, go and join in and have fun!”   -Harry

“Firstly, I really enjoyed the activities of camp because some of them were the first time I tried them, such as archery and the Flying Fox. I made lots of friends with the YMCA leaders. Secondly the food was very yummy and good. For morning tea I had fruit and for lunch, tacos. At dinner we had roast chicken with potatoes, peas and corn. Dessert was apple crumble, and finally we had toasted marshmallows. We sang songs by the fire and danced. For breakfast the next day we had pancakes, toast and cereal, and for lunch we made our own damper. It was really fun!”  -Eva


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Miss Watts and 4/5/6A