Term Three is well underway and we are having a ball. We have some extra iPads for our classroom so that means we get the chance to try out some more ICT for learning and collaboration. In the picture below, Cung Tin is using Scribble Press to create his own picture storybook. It’s really easy to import photos and add text, and you can even ‘scribble’ your own pictures. Can’t wait to read it!




We love to share our learning, and we can learn so much from one another’s ideas. Below shows a way we can collaborate in class combining ICT and literacy learning. Using Padlet, Miss Watts imported an image and posed the question of the character; “What is he thinking” We worked in small groups on the floor with the iPads and inferenced what the dog might be thinking. It was great seeing some of the creative responses from our classmates! Zoom in on the image below and check them out.

On Wednesday morning, we were lucky to get a visit from some of the crew from the Footscray Women’s Circus. They taught us about making tableaux. We worked in small groups to come up with a series of ‘photographs’ with our bodies and our classmates had to guess what actions we were doing. What do you think the girls below are doing?Processed with Moldiv


Finally, we continue to work in the area of number in Maths. It’s so important to continually revisit place value and our number system as they are the foundation of all other mathematics we learn. We like to make it ‘hands on’ in class as it deepens our understanding. One of the activities was a Human Number Line with decimals. We worked hard to help our classmates insert themselves into the right position.


I could have added a million more things, but that will do for now. We would love you to comment on our learning.

Until next time,

Miss Watts and 4/5/6A