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Aboriginals Story

Removal from land was about white people wanting more Lands from the Aboriginals and it was about the Australian prime minister Tony Abbott making the aboriginal people to move from their land to another but it was fun for them having lots of cousins even the animals and they are all families. I connect to it and in Burma we are all families too and we are having so much fun and the land was like our god too but when wars began we need to move from our countries and we went to Malaysia and to Australia. And how did it make you feel being forced to leave your country? It makes me feel angry and sad.


I learnt lots from this website about Closing The Gap.

Needs And Wants


my 6 NEEDS!!!


2.Good healthmotw_graphic



5 Family

I think did our my 6 needs. Number 1 food is good for your body and health and without food you will die. Number 2 good health is REALLY important because you need the good health in your body. Number 3 clothing  is too cover your body and cloths helps for cold days because you can get sick. Number 4 democracy is good because all of us need voting if someone wants someone to be a leader and the other wants the other to be the leader they will need to vote. Number 5 FAMILY you need family to support you and they can help you. So did our my 6 needs

Closing The Gap

Hi everyone, I’m a student from Dinjerra primary school.


Today I’ve watched a video clip about the Australian government trying to take over the aboriginal people’s land. I felt unfair for them because this land belongs to them for 50,000 years and  they don’t really care, even though they don’t have enough to eat , they just want to protect their land forever.



This a link about two men having some experience at the aboriginal peoples land:


Ommmmmmmmmggggggggggggggg I feel so so so so so so sad, and upset,soooooooo angry and sorry for all of the children in this (from the Stolen Generation)picture becausee they have been took away from their family, and they were really young and have nothing ready yet!! and also not for them but their family too!! How do their family think when they can’t see their children? How do you think? For me it would be really sad! Anyway their children have been took away from their family just because of the small thinking that they wanted them TO CHANGE! TO DO ALL THE THING LIKE THEM!! Why don’t you let them stay with their family and let they be THEIR SELF!!

Malala Yousafzai standing up for women’s right!

Malala Yousafzai                                             Date:5/8/15

Here is a link about Malala Yousafzai standing up for women’s right!


I watched a video clip about Malala standing up for women’s right to have education and that women and men are all equal.

I do believe that every child has a right to go have education, so that in future they have a good job and look after their families.

What would i do if i didn’t have education???

Mmmm….. I’m not sure cause I love coming to school and learning new stuff about the world and what’s going around me.

I would be really sad if I didn’t have education because I wouldn’t be able to access  good learning and wouldn’t know what’s going around me.

I come to school because I want to learn, and I want to learn because I want to have a good and bright future and look  after my family and parent’s.

What does my education do for me???

Well….. it does a lot of things for

…Interpreting for my parents when they need it, and hep me create a brighter future for me.

BY:Biak Sui…

Living In Braybrook

Today i watched a clip about a family who lives in Braybrook, and I felt so ANGRY because the news reporter was telling bad things about Braybrook. Why did she have to do this?….Is it because we done things bad to her to do this?….Or is it because she just wanted to make Braybrook look bad?…..Or why did she have to do that to a specific family?….Is it because the Family had a bad History. She obviously just wants to make our suburb Braybrook look so bad.

I mean people who lived in Braybrook have a good future for example Alice Pung she is now an author and a amazing one. Here is one of the books we read in our class all together as a read aloud. Book Cover:  Our Australian Girl: Meet Marly (Book 1)

A summary of Meet Marly is about a girl who comes from Vietnam and she shares a house with her uncle and cousins, And shares her room with her cousin Tuyet and Dawei. And she feels a bit left out because her cousins get all the good treatment, and in school she doesn’t want to play with her cousins because she feels embarrassed because Marly has friends as the popular girls in school.

By: Chosyn

My top 6 needs

   My blog is about my top 6 needs that we studied in class. We picked our top 6 needs. So I picked this because they are  my top 6 needs that I think are important.

1. – Food

I chose food because I wouldn’t survive.

  1. – Clean water

I chose clean water because  if you drink dirty water you might die or get sick.

  1. – Clothing

I chose this because clothes keeps us warm.

  1. – Good health

I chose good health because if you don’t have a good health you can die.

  1. – Democracy

I chose democracy because if you don’t have any democracy then you wouldn’t be able to survive because you have to do what the other people say and if you don’t they might not give you any food and you will starve to death. You can die if you don’t have democracy because if you disagree with someone then they can kill you.

  1. – Medicine

I chose medicine because medicine isn’t only chemical, it is also can be something like leaves that can heal and make people better.

By : Dawt

The Removal Land

Removal from land is about white people and aboriginal peoples and it was about the Australian prime minister Tony Abbott making the aboriginal people to move from their land to another but it was fun for them having lots of cousins even the animals and they are all families. I connect to it and in […]


   ” This is about Aboriginals and Indigenous having less opportunities in health than non-aboriginal like us”

My blog is about Aboriginals and Terries Strait Islanders (ATSI) having eye-disease called “Trachoma” which I found very interesting and I hope you will find it interesting as much as I do. There’s more information in the video below and my thoughts and opinion are below, too.

Facts I learned :
1) 2/3 of the Aboriginal Communities have Trachoma
2) Australia is the only country that still have Trachoma
3) Trachoma can spread one to another

Good news!

Trachoma disease can be heal easily if you keep your face and hands clean!


2 questions I still have :
1) Why is Australia the ONLY country that still has Trachoma?
2) Can Trachoma be inherited?

My opinion is that we should support or help ATSI to be healthy in ways that we can.

More information about Trachoma Disease

Please feel free to leave comments!


Removal from Land


I feel so sad for the aboriginals. While I feel so upset to the government because, they can’t force the aboriginals to get out of there land and home. I connected to the text because my brother is an activist, and he fights for the rights of the aboriginals, and I think that he will be all over me and tell me his opinions all about it. He always tell me that the government is not fair to the aboriginals. If it happened to me, I would be so mad if someone tells me to get out of my own house.My opinion is that the government can’t force nobody to do what they want. I have learned that the government is shutting down the aboriginal people’s land. Why do they need to shutdown their land?

When I told my brother about this he told me that ‘This has always been aboriginal land and their sovereignty were never ceded.’

And I agree with his opinion.

I live for Equity AND Equality.

Let there be PEACE <3


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