I feel so sad for the aboriginals. While I feel so upset to the government because, they can’t force the aboriginals to get out of there land and home. I connected to the text because my brother is an activist, and he fights for the rights of the aboriginals, and I think that he will be all over me and tell me his opinions all about it. He always tell me that the government is not fair to the aboriginals. If it happened to me, I would be so mad if someone tells me to get out of my own house.My opinion is that the government can’t force nobody to do what they want. I have learned that the government is shutting down the aboriginal people’s land. Why do they need to shutdown their land?

When I told my brother about this he told me that ‘This has always been aboriginal land and their sovereignty were never ceded.’

And I agree with his opinion.

I live for Equity AND Equality.

Let there be PEACE <3