Today i watched a clip about a family who lives in Braybrook, and I felt so ANGRY because the news reporter was telling bad things about Braybrook. Why did she have to do this?….Is it because we done things bad to her to do this?….Or is it because she just wanted to make Braybrook look bad?…..Or why did she have to do that to a specific family?….Is it because the Family had a bad History. She obviously just wants to make our suburb Braybrook look so bad.

I mean people who lived in Braybrook have a good future for example Alice Pung she is now an author and a amazing one. Here is one of the books we read in our class all together as a read aloud. Book Cover:  Our Australian Girl: Meet Marly (Book 1)

A summary of Meet Marly is about a girl who comes from Vietnam and she shares a house with her uncle and cousins, And shares her room with her cousin Tuyet and Dawei. And she feels a bit left out because her cousins get all the good treatment, and in school she doesn’t want to play with her cousins because she feels embarrassed because Marly has friends as the popular girls in school.

By: Chosyn