Busy Week of Learning! 27/2/14

Well, it’s hard to believe we are halfway through Term 1 already! The children have settled into their routine and are working amazingly well together.

One of our class captains, Leena, has used one of our iPad presentation apps called ‘Haiku Deck’ to do a review on Paul Jennings’ book ‘Unreal’. She has used a classmate, Eva, to assist in the acting department. Check out the link below in blue:






Last week in Science, we had a visit from Mark who works at the CSIRO. His mission: to teach us more about Space and planets. Ayse has put together summary of the learning that took place, and what she enjoyed. Take it away, Ayse..

“Science Incursion” by Ayse Aydin


Our weekly drumming workshops are continuing across all five grades. Simone taught us some body percussion and it got so confusing for most of us, but there was also plenty of laughter! We were also introduced to a new West African instrument called the Balafon. It’s a bit like a xylophone, but it is made from wood and gourds. We had a go at playing it with our djembes and the sound was really cool.


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Until next week,

Miss Watts 4/5/6A


Wonderful Learning in Week 4!



Another fabulous week of learning we have had at Dinjerra. There are so many exciting things happening at our school.

At Dinjerra, we realise the importance of a great spelling program. We practice our spelling  everyday so we can improve our vocabulary and have words we can spell forever. This week, our class words are ‘phobia’ and ‘aversion’. How about you ask your child or a member of the 4/5/6A community what those words mean!


The school value we are looking at this week is ‘We are Learners’. We had a great discussion about how learning looks in the classroom and also in the shared area of the BER building. The students worked in small groups using Popplet on the iPads to brainstorm and create mind maps of how we can represent this. Stay tuned to see what we come up with!

We love working together and helping each other be wonderful learners!

Finally, this week the Class Captains of Grade 4/5/6A were announced. We had many wonderful nominations and some terrific persuasive speeches. It was great to see so much encouragement amongst the students and good sportsmanship for those who missed out. We would like to congratulate Chosyn and Leena who were voted by their peers. They have already demonstrated fantastic leadership and will be wonderful captains for 4/5/6A in 2014! School Captains and Sports Captains will be announced soon.


Leena & Chosyn

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Miss Watts and 4/5/6A


Grade 4/5/6A Week of learning

What a wonderful start to 2014 we have had in 4/5/6A! Our Leadership program for the 5/6 students has kicked off with a bang and the students are loving it. We have joined with Cale and Colette from @footworksaus who are helping us produce a 3D Art project with the Grade 2’s incorporating drama and dance.


In addition, we have begun our immersion into our novel study, the book ‘Wonder’ by RJ Palacio. It’s about a boy named August who feels like any normal kid on the inside but looks very, very different from the outside.



Finally, we had our first Assembly this morning. Branden and Vina (with a little help from Miss Watts) put together photos and quotes that demonstrate our love of learning at Dinjerra. Check it out at:



We also wish the best of luck to all the students nominating for School, Sports, and Class Captains this week!

Until next time,

Miss Watts and 4/5/6A

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