” This is about Aboriginals and Indigenous having less opportunities in health than non-aboriginal like us”

My blog is about Aboriginals and Terries Strait Islanders (ATSI) having eye-disease called “Trachoma” which I found very interesting and I hope you will find it interesting as much as I do. There’s more information in the video below and my thoughts and opinion are below, too.

Facts I learned :
1) 2/3 of the Aboriginal Communities have Trachoma
2) Australia is the only country that still have Trachoma
3) Trachoma can spread one to another

Good news!

Trachoma disease can be heal easily if you keep your face and hands clean!


2 questions I still have :
1) Why is Australia the ONLY country that still has Trachoma?
2) Can Trachoma be inherited?

My opinion is that we should support or help ATSI to be healthy in ways that we can.

More information about Trachoma Disease

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