My blog is about my top 6 needs that we studied in class. We picked our top 6 needs. So I picked this because they are  my top 6 needs that I think are important.

1. – Food

I chose food because I wouldn’t survive.

  1. – Clean water

I chose clean water because  if you drink dirty water you might die or get sick.

  1. – Clothing

I chose this because clothes keeps us warm.

  1. – Good health

I chose good health because if you don’t have a good health you can die.

  1. – Democracy

I chose democracy because if you don’t have any democracy then you wouldn’t be able to survive because you have to do what the other people say and if you don’t they might not give you any food and you will starve to death. You can die if you don’t have democracy because if you disagree with someone then they can kill you.

  1. – Medicine

I chose medicine because medicine isn’t only chemical, it is also can be something like leaves that can heal and make people better.

By : Dawt